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"A big THANK YOU to all moms,dads,children,relatives and friends who share with me the reaction of those who receive Fingerprints charms. All these emails and pictures touch my heart. Some of them bring tears to my eyes. Thank you so much!! Please keep sharing these moments with me. I love it !!!" - Mariel.

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In celebration of International Women's Day, the Halton Region Small Business Centre hosted a special event on Wednesday, March 5 entitled "We Are Women- Learning... Growing... Connecting." The event featured a keynote speaker, two local spotlight stories and two presentations.

MARIEL PAGLIAI, Jewelry Designer. Mariel created her signature piece "Fingerprint Jewelry" 15 years ago. She expressed to the group the importance of always doing your very best and to never give up on your dream.


QUESTIONS ? Due to the high volume of emails received daily, it may take me a little while to get back to you. Please read the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ). If you don't find your answer there or you need to book an appointment, just send me an email and I will answer it within 48hs. Thank you!

  • Charms created in 925 Sterling Silver (optional in gold)
  • Customized pieces


  • Pieces finished by hand
  • Prices starting at $99 CAD


High-end Jewelry and precious gifts

These are stylish pieces of jewelry. It combines unique moments with high-end jewelry designs and techniques.

Each piece is developed with you in mind, because it is personalized to fit your style, using fingerprint impressions from your loved ones. Just book an appointment to take the print and your personalized piece of jewelry will be ready in two weeks. 


"This is the best high quality fingerprint jewellery in the market ! I've been shopping around for months and I finally found a real piece of jewelry that carries the impressions of my two kids. I love my charm ! Thank you so much Mariel!"

Grace B.

"Dear Mariel, I am so glad to finally meet you and thank you for the lovely pendants arranged by my late husband Frank. Frank wanted to leave our son Kyle and I something special as a unique and unexpected final gift. He saw your beautiful charms in the newspaper and was hopeful to make arrangements to have them done himself. Unfortunately his time left with us passed quickly and his last month was spent in the Carpenter Hospice.
A friend arranged to capture Frank's fingerprints.
And as per Frank's request, you arranged to have the finished pendants to be engraved "With you always, Love Frank" on mine and "With you always, Love Dad" on Kyle's. I thankfully realize all the extra effort and time that you spent to have the pendants completed so quickly. His friend was able to show him before he passed and he was delighted and extremely pleased. Frank requested his friend give them to us on the day of his passing. It was a wonderful personal surprise gift to us from Frank and one we wear every day, reminding us of his love and care.
I cannot thank you enough for the extra time and effort and the beautiful workmanship of the pendants. They are extra special and mean a lot to Kyle and I.
With heartfelt thanks,"

Cheri and Kyle


"..I purchased a two-sided fingerprint jewellery necklace for my wife as a surprise and she absolutely loved it ! Mariel was fabulous in getting it all done to perfection, thanks again Mariel!"

Matt S.

"I absolutely love my fingerprint charm. it is a unique and treasure gift. I am always carrying around a little piece of my daughter with me wherever I go. Thank you Mariel."

Katie W



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