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Welcome to my Art World

My unceasing research into different artistic disciplines such as sculpture, painting, chasing metals, glass, enamelling and photography has allowed me to find my own language in the Art world. My work has been exhibited in many galleries and shows throughout the Americas and Europe.



In my Art Studio, I offer a wide range of artistic services, including fingerprint jewelry, painting, and jewelry making. My passion for creativity and unique artistic style is reflected in every piece of art I create. Take a look at some of my artwork and see how I can bring your vision to life.

Artist Statement

My artistic journey has been one of continuous discovery and expression. Growing up in a family of metalsmiths, I was inspired to first use metal as a medium. Precious metals allowed me to convey my ideas through unique pieces that have been featured in books, magazines, and shows worldwide. I worked for over three decades with metal as my primary muse.

Recently, I returned to school to expand my artistic horizons. Drawing, painting, printmaking, and sculpting have become my new languages. The medium I choose for each piece responds to an inner call, guiding me to articulate my ideas and emotions. The core of my practice lies in the transformation of materials, which convey my ideas. The process truly inspires me, and I am driven by a relentless pursuit of inspiration and experimentation. 

Throughout my artistic evolution, every artwork becomes a narrative, a reflection of life captured through my perception. The act of creating becomes a means to translate intangible emotions into tangible pieces of art. With meticulous attention to detail learned from my background as a jeweler, I weave narratives that invite viewers to enjoy another vision.

I am currently exploring the concepts of transformation, time, and human behavior. Sometimes, using symbolism expressed through recognizable forms, I establish a personal connection to the world through the enduring power of creativity. This exploration evokes a spectrum of emotions and establishes a connection with the viewer about experiences that define our existence, inspiring, provoking, and uniting us all through art.

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