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Whispers of the Woods, 36 '' x  48''

My Paintings

It's like a magic toolbox for me when I'm painting with oil paints. They have rich colors that practically glow. I enjoy squishing them around on the canvas to build up layers. 

My inspiration can come when I am out walking in the park, sitting at my kitchen table, or thinking about something I see. It is such a joy to take those ideas and put my own spin on them, especially when I am doing a whole series of pieces related to one theme.

Every brushstroke allows me to explore something new and see where it takes me. What's cool about the process is that there's always something waiting to be discovered.

So, that's me - totally in love with oil paint and finding beauty in everything.

Picture of myself to create this painting

    Art in Pandemia (2021)                "Portrait"
      Oil Painting & Collage
                   24" x 36"

Mariel presentation paintings_edited.jpg

The Majestic Tangerine  - 40'' x  26''

Mariel presentation paintings.jpg

Unexpected Duet - 6''x 8''

The Harmony of Contrasts -6''x8''

Split Fig - 3''x 3''


Whispers of Sisterhood - 72'' x 48''

Sea of Sky- 72'' x 48''

Geographic  Tapestries

 10''x  6 ''- Encaustic

The World Outside My Window 48''x 72''

WhatsApp Image 2024-03-16 at 8.35.54 PM (1).jpeg

Rock and Roll - 54''x 26''

Mariel presentation paintings (2).jpg
Café au Rêve
Dancing with Sprinkles

Tea time - 24'' x 36''

Slice of Heaven - 8''x 12''
Triple Chocolate 15''x 8''

Collection: Echoes of Time

Circles in Motion - 48"x 48"

Broken Circle - 72"x 36"

The sun had hiccups - 72" x 48"

Echoes of what was - 24" x 36"

Glass work

WhatsApp Image 2024-03-16 at 8.35_edited
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